Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girl Party

This year, Lucy has gotten very into American Girl dolls.  She's had one for a couple of years, because she inherited my Felicity doll.  She had already decided she wanted to go down to the American Girl Bistro in Atlanta for her birthday.  But because this is all the way in Atlanta, and it's expensive, AND she was hoping to get a few things there for her presents, we told her this would have to be a combination of the birthday dinner she annually gets from Nina and Papa and her friend party that we throw her (only without friends).  She was still all for it.

Well, then Iris got an American Girl baby doll for Christmas and wanted to do the same thing.  So we had a Lucy/Iris combo dinner/party combo and though it was crowded and crazily pink, fun was had by all.

Iris had to take Octavia into the store with her new stroller, of course.

We got there early and kind of looked at the amazing collection of doll stuff....I What on Earth.  And it was a good thing we did, because after eating in the Bistro, it was shoulder to shoulder in the shop.  We spent some time in the dressing room :)

The food was fun and cute....appetizers....

and this was my entree...goat cheese and tomato linguine...yum

There were little seats for the dolls to sit in. well as cups, plates and pitchers for the dolls.

Clyde surprised each of the girls with a present from the store, that he bought with his own money.  This was his own idea and was of the utmost importance to him from the moment he walked into the store.  The girls were very grateful, for his gifts.  He's such a sweet brother.

for Iris' baby...a bottle and rattle

for Lucy's Felicity...glasses!
 Much fun was had by all.  I think the girls had a very memorable experience.

The kids had dessert.  It didn't occur to me at the time, but this will be the first year in their lives that I have not made a birthday cake for my girls.  Kinda sad.  But they loved their ice cream/ Mango sorbet!

Lucy had Felicity's hair styled and ears pierced.

Here are my favorite of the items they came home with....

Lucy and Felicity have matching pajamas.

Iris and baby Octavia have a matching dress. (seems both of my girls like white and blue)
Papa, Stephen and Clyde were very good sports about the whole pink, sparkly experience.


  1. Where was David :) This looks like soooo much fun!!

  2. yeah...well, I think maybe this wasn't David's cup of tea ;) It was fun!!

  3. That looks like a fun time. I think my girls might have been really into American Girl dolls if I had been more intentional about it (and if they weren't so expensive). :)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! This looks like so much fun! I LOVED American Girl. (Let's be real. I have 2 magazines from fall/winter 2010 sitting on my desk right now.) So glad everyone enjoyed it!

  5. Ok - wow! So, Jenna got the Target knock off version of the American Girl this year - she doesn't really know the difference. That looks like super fun b-day celebration!