Monday, January 3, 2011

Our White Christmas (picture dump)

This year we went to my Mom's Christmas Eve service. We spent the night with Nina and Papa and woke up Christmas morning to that lovely layer of snow (which I have never experience in my life on Christmas). Sherry and David showed up at 8:30. We all ate breakfast, opened presents, played in the snow, and at a wonderful lunch.

Then we drove to my Dad's where, we again spent the night, went to church, had a joint birthday party (for my 3 winter babies), played games and opened presents with Grandad, Grandmom, Sherry, David, myself, Stephen, our kids and my 3 wonderful step-siblings, Dyan & Brent, John and Bobby.

My camera messed up, so the only pictures I have are from Sherry's, Mom's and Lucy's cameras...very imcomplete docutmentation, but that's alright.

We had a really wonderful Christmas. It was so nice to see everyone. As hectic as it may sound, it was actually one of my more relaxing Christmases since I got married.

Lucy had an allergic reaction, which REALLY stunk, since it was also her birthday. But she was still able to enjoy herself immensly, for which I am very grateful.

All of my kids, for the first time, were able to at least vaguely understand that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, and that, even though He was a human baby, He is also God. I love hearing their own versions of the story. It's precious.

ha...sorry, just realized, some of these pics haven't been rotated.
I hope everyone reading this had a VERY merry Christmas!

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  1. I loved the ones in the snow - I don't remember ever having a White Christmas either!