Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of Colonial Finishing School

Big News!!!  I sent Lucy into a home I have never been to before, let someone else feed her, the house had pets and she came out alive and happy!!!  Thank you, Mrs E!! a million times over.  In case you can't tell....we don't typically do this ;)

But Lucy has never really exhibited this much excitement or anticipation about anything before, so we felt we had to give it a shot.  After coating the child in prayer, dosing her with Benedryl, puffing her inhaler, and dressing her in THE DRESS (that has sapped me of all sanity)....

...we found these lovely, equally excited Colonial students....

Good times!  This is such a special and neat opportunity for which I am SO grateful.  So grateful the Lord saw fit to keep her well! 

 Slowly, but surely Learning to Trust! (while trying to be wise with my not-so-wee one)


  1. What a cool experience! I'm sure she will never forget it.

  2. My girls loved going to this and have great memories thanks to E.