Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's a boy to do??

Okay, I know it's going to look like we go to this place alot and we're American Girl snobs, but we really don't!!  Here's what happened....

A couple of months ago, Stephen had to fly to a big city far away and use a large airport in another large city, not quite so far away.  This city JUST SO HAPPENED to have and AG store and I HAPPENED to have 2 very weepy, sad girls.  Okay... so maybe it was just one sad, weepy girl, but if you count ME there were 2!  I felt that we needed some serious diversion and cheering up, so that's how we ended up here....

LOTS of girliness!  We didn't actually buy anything.  ....well.   Except LOTS of food.  :)

See all the fun??!!

Isn't it great??!!  Iris especially liked the hooks in the bathroom that hold your doll while you're um...

It was very diverting for all!  :)

Except for Clyde...

...at first!  But then he became a good sport!

He decided to bring Mr Moose!

And he built a spit so he could "roast" his fruit over an open yogurt.

How I love my boy, he always seems to make the best of any situation!

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