Monday, September 12, 2011

Moose Head

My Dad's birthday was last week.  And I did not document it well.  (I seem to be letting important b-days slip a little lately.)  I didn't even bring my camera, cause....

It was one of THOSE days.  You know...where every little thing goes wrong?!  It was CRAZY!!

Weeeell, we were, of course, still without power, I was still sick, Lucy was getting a different kind of sick, and....just, well, EVERYTHING was not going well!

But it was still my Dad's birthday and we were excited.  The kids had picked out this rubber moose head that covers the hitching ball on the back of a truck.  Cause Dad likes moose just a wee bit ;)

So we're signing the birthday cards, pulling out the moose gift bag and ......wait!  Where's the moose head?  Here's the Sportsmans Warehouse bag, but there's no moose head in it!  Wait a minute...there are little ferret teeth marks in this bag.

Okay, let me rewind one day for you, so you can better understand the events unfolding here.  See, our power has been out for days, so we took a showers Wednesday at my Mom's.  Then Stephen kindly offered to go to our home and pick some things up so the kids and I could go straight to church.  He came in the house and fed and watered the ferrets, but DIDN'T CLOSE THEIR CAGE DOOR!  I love him so much!

Okay fast forward one day to my Dad's birthday with me?  We CANNOT FIND THE BLASTED MOOSE HEAD ANYWHERE!!!  We looked under everything, completely tore the house up.  I'm thinking how on this earth did two such tiny creatures get that moose head somewhere we can't see??  And I'm really upset, because what's a birthday without a moose hitch ball cover??

We tried to do my Dad's birthday up, anyway.  By smashing his pie when we laid on the breaks in the van and sharing our multiple sick germs with him.  (love you, Dad!)  And we had to just tell him, "sorry, we bought you a moose head, but our ferrets have hidden it."

Well, yesterday Clyde was keeping up with Thing 1 and Thing 2 for me while I cleaned their cage.  I heard....

"No!  Don't go up in there!"  grunt grunt...shuffle....shuffle

"I -    can't-     get-    you!"  grunt grunt....shuffle....shuffle

"What on?!....."


you see....the ferrets, over time, have made this hole in the bottom of mine and Stephen's box spring.  Guess where he found it?

and there was much rejoicing.