Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Little Seamstress & Her Gifts

My darling daughter spent her own money to purchase a pattern and fabric for 3 semi-matching doll outfits. 

(disclaimer...I cut the fabric, ironed and pinned the sleeves, but SHE spun her bobbins, threaded the machine, cut the pattern, and sewed everthing by herself)

Took me a while to help her get started, but she has sewed....

and sewed....

and sewed.....

well you get the picture...

and now she has this!

The yellow for her Felicity doll and the blue & purple are for friends who have invited her to go somewhere special on Friday.

Speed, Friday, speed....for the anticipation here is GREAT!!


  1. Tell Lucy I am SOOOO proud of her. She did a great job. I know her friends will love it. I am proud not only of her sewing, but her heart of love and generosity to spend her own money and time to make a gift. Also pat on the back to you, Mama, for your guidance and patience in such a big task. Love you both!
    Kristin S.

  2. My Dear Lucy:
    Nena and Papa are so proud of you, not only for those beautiful dresses, but because you are such a wonderful, creative, and loving Granddaughter.
    We LOVE YOU!
    Nena & Papa