Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Castle & The Hero

Today my precious Mom and lovely Sherry enticed us to leave our stale books at home and experience the greatness out of doors.

We visited a Civil War museum (sort-of).

Then we traipsed up the "Castle".   I hope you're imagining me lightly skipping up all those stairs and that you cannot see in your mind's eye the plodding and pausing that actually occurred.... and how shaky my legs were when I got to the bottom.

Then we went walking.  The kids pooped out quickly.  It was very lovely outside, but quite warm.  Clyde was "thirsty" and "exhausted" and "couldn't walk another step".  He was literally hanging with his arms wrapped around my waist.  Only his feet were moving as I practically lugged the boy forward. 

This lasted until his little sister got more pitiful than himself.  Suddenly a change came over him.  He bucked up, ran over and put his arm behind her and began to encourage her to keep going.  Every once in  a while, she kind of drooped against him and he would support her.  I think she's his weak spot.  And I think she knows it.

It was a neat thing to see.  He's such a neat little guy!

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