Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nana Time

Nana graced us with her presence for two whole weeks!  The kids were so delighted.  And they had certainly NOT had their fill of her by the time she left!

We took her to my Dad's for a weekend but I DID NOT HAVE MY CAMERA....UGH!

While she was here, we all worked on a puzzle together.  I mean, by all, I THINK Clyde may have done a piece or two :)

We went to the aquarium...don't think Nana wanted to touch the sting-rays.  But she HAS done it before, so the kids let her off the hook.

Stephen and his offspring had a who-can-hold-their-hand-in-the-icy-penguin-water-the-longest. 

Iris gave him a run for his money.  She almost beat him.  She held out so long, his face turned red and he started doing a dance.

We decided to introduce her to one of our favorite restaurants!!!  PFChangs!! 

And we went to paint pottery.

Stephen was secretly painting a heart shaped box for Iris.  (He pained Lucy a vase when she was little.)

Lucy painted a Cinderella box.  (previous years, she has painted Belle and Tiana boxes)

Iris also painted a Cinderella box.

Clyde painted an Angry Bird  :)

And Nana painted a tile with apples on it for her kitchen.  Only the shop closed early and she couldn't finish it, but she decided to let the kids finish it for her.

You are missed, Nana!

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