Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art Museum

One recent Thursday, Mom and I used the summer reading passes that the kids earned to take them to the local art museum.

 We basically had the place to ourselves which was nice, because the kids decided to take sketch pads.

Here's Clyde drawing.  (I really like this picture of Clyde and the painting for some reason.)

This painting to the left is what he decided to draw...he appreciates geometrical shapes like his father :)

Lucy and Iris sat on the floor together to sketch.  You can see their Nena walking around here too.

Here is the lovely picture they decided to sketch...

Here are the kids and I with some blown glass...I happen to love blown glass.

Here's Clyde and Lucy peering down a glass cone....umm...forgot what it's supposed to represent.  Oops.

Here they are with Nena in the historical part of the museum...

Now for favorites....

Lucy's favorite piece was this one...

BECAUSE, close up, it looks like this.  This rather fascinated her.

Clyde's favorite was this...  (again...geometric shapes!)

Iris's favorite is one of my favorites.  It's the green, glass benches and pillars.

I'm not actually sure if you're supposed to sit on them, but all the other benches are meant to be sat on, so I'm assuming you are.  So I took a picture!

To recreate this one! 

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