Saturday, August 24, 2013

Water Mania

My next few posts are probably going to be about water.

Due to the crazy syncope that the kids and I have, I don't take them to outdoor pools when I'm alone, I need an extra adult outside with me in the summertime.  On one of the Thursdays that Mom hung out with us, we decided to attempt the zoo for a few hours, then follow that up with some water.  But we actually felt rather superb on this particular day!

We went to the pool next door to the zoo.  Normally when we go there, the kids just play in the spray area.  But this time they REALLY wanted to play on the water obstacle course in the actual pool area.  They have really become better swimmers, so Nena and I agreed.

To do the obstacle course and slide in the deep-end, you have to take a swim test.  Lucy passed it easily.  Clyde did VERY well and passed, but the second half of it made him very anxious.  I didn't let Iris try it.  But if she wore a life vest, she could go along with a family member who had passed.

Most kids raced each other on the obstacle course but, as you will see from my pics, Lucy & Clyde spent a good deal of time pulling Iris up to help her get through it.

Lucy and Iris at the starting line...

 ...and the race is on (you can kind of see the tippy-top of Iris's head on the other side)

 Lucy turns to encourage Iris.

Now she stops to pull her up.  This took a while.

Now they race through the mini-pool...

Oops.  Gotta stop and help lil sis again ;)

Whew...and we made it to the end!

 Clyde and Iris start the race.

Clyde talks to her the whole time, telling her how good she's doing.

Now they've got to get through the water holes...

He stops to pull up Iris.

And one more time...

Race complete!

Lu on the slide...

Clyde on the slide...

Iris, looking rather terrified, trying to slow her descent down the slide.

They ran over to the splash area for a little while.   Here they are waiting for the bucket to drop water on them.
Good summer fun!!

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