Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bubble-gum Portraits

The spring/early summer saw me feeling rather light-headed a good bit of the time.  I have seen improvement though and I wanted to seize the opportunity and finally plan a project with the kids.

I saw this neat idea on Pinterest (again!) and decided to go for it.  (Plus, Hobby Lobby had their canvases and acrylic paints on sale.)

Here the kids are looking in a mirror I set up so they can draw, then paint their self-portrait....

I told them to paint everything but the mouth, and before we started I had them each paint a wooden ball pink.

When they were all done, we put the wooden ball where their mouths should be and....voila!
You have a bubble-gum portrait!

They loved this and I LOVE the finished product :)

And to give credit where it is due, here is a link to the original blog entry that inspired me!

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