Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Birthday Party

While I was out tonight watching my favorite volleyball player kick some (bleep), my husband and kids were working on a birthday party for me.

I walked in and found this waiting for me....

Lucy scurried away into the kitchen, I presume to put finishing touches on THIS....

Then Stephen lit a candle on some dark chocolate truffles and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me!

I took a pic of them..

Here are the kids with the card they picked out for me...notice my eldest child's sweet face, my boy's crazy, chocolatey face, and my baby's kissy face... each very appropriate.

Here they are with the awesome presents they picked out!  A camera cared (awesome!) and some new mascara :)

Then a picture of my incredibly awesome husband, who knew I couldn't go on a family vacation with no camera (mine broke), so he got me THIS ONE!!!  I haven't named it yet, but it's very SHINY!  :D

I'm so blessed to have such a loving husband and such loving kids!!!  Thank you, Lord!!!!

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