Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Arrive!

This morning Stephen, the kids, and I met Mom, Paul, Sherry and David at 8am to start our journey to Panama City Beach for a week long vacation sponsored by Mom & Paul!

We made one stop, suggested by David, at Noccalula Falls in Alabama.  It was gorgeous and more than worth the, literally, 5 minutes it took to get there, even though we DID give him a hard time about stopping.  Can't believe I've never heard of this place before!

Around 5:30, we arrived at our destination and checked in.  Mom and Sherry decided to go ahead and take the kids to play in the sand a little while before dark.  I lazily snapped pics WITH MY AWESOME CAMERA, from the balcony.  (Keep in mind, we're on the 14th floor!)

Once it was dark, Sherry & David, Stephen and myself took the kids of the most BELOVED beach activities!

oh, Clydie, my love.  one day you will grow out of this, right?

Then I painted my toenails!

Now the kids are tucked in bed dreaming about tomorrow!

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