Monday, October 7, 2013


On our last full day in Gatlinburg,  you know....way back during that weekend when we went to Dollywood Splash Country?...yeah, that's how behind I am. 

Well, on our last full day, a thunderstorm came around lunch time so we ate lunch and went to this place....

The kids never call it by its name (Wonderworks) they call it, "The upside-down house."

When you go into the lobby, the inside is upside down too...

There was SO much to do in this place.  I didn't get decent pics of most of's very dark...and loud.  Here's Stephen showing Iris how to try different combinations to crack safe locks.

This game was a big hit.  The buttons all around you and your opponent randomly light up while you try to smack them and turn them off as quickly as you can. 

Iris climbed in to the Mercury space capsule replica...

There was a giant lite brite...

I left a message on it while the big minions were off with Daddy and the littlest minion was "drawing" on the lite brite.

Everyone in our party (not counting myself who was busy snapping pictures) tried out the bed of nails.  You crawl up and recline on a thick sheet of plastic, which lowers slowly allowing some long nails to penetrate the holes in the plastic and hold you up.  Everyone agreed that it was not overly comfortable....  Here are Lu and Clyde.

The favorite activity was called "Mind Ball."  This is where you compete with the person of your choice by relaxing.  You and your opponent put on brain-wave-measuring headbands and sit opposite each other.  Then you try to relax as best you can while they play crazy loud music and switch the song every 10 seconds.  You can see peoples brainwaves on the screen ahead of them.  As you relax, there is a ramp with a ball on it in the middle of the table and the ball rolls toward your opponent.  So the loser ends up with the ball right in front of him/her.

Stephen vs. Lucy.  Lucy won.

Lucy vs. Clyde.  Clyde won.  (This was a surprise.)

Our tickets were good until midnight.  We went to Gatlinburg and shopped for awhile then came back to Wonderworks with our closed-toed shoes so we could do the ropes course that is up in the ceiling above everything.

Iris got scared, so she and I came down.  But here are Lucy and Clyde.  Lucy was a nervous wreck the whole time and probably wished she had come down with Iris and I.

There is this awesome doorway filled with watervapor that shows your refection in the tiny droplets.  It was as clear as day, so I snapped a pic....The pic isn't as good as real life, but you can see my face.

This neat soccer type game was actually a touch screen on the floor.  When you touched the "ball" with your foot it "bounced" away from you.  These are Lu and Clyde's feet :)

We went back to "mindball" and did that a few more times.  Here are Stephen and Iris.  Iris won.  That girl is chill.

Here are the kids with this awesome sculpture that casts a shadow shaped like Mona Lisa when the light shines on it from a certain angle.

These pics don't begin to do the place justice.  We had a great time.  Our feet were swollen, but we lasted until midnight!

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