Monday, March 17, 2014

Meeting the Duggars

The kids and I found out the Duggar's of 19 Kids and Counting were coming to town (Thanks Aunt Rita!!)  They decided they DEFINITELY wanted to go!  We love watching their show, and my kids talk about their kids sometimes like they know's cute.  I wasn't sure if they were THAT into the idea, but I was wrong, they were.

As our school day, today, ticked on Lucy made several comments.  "I can't believe we're going to meet the Duggar's!"  "I really want to meet them, but I'm going to be scared to talk to them."  "Does it feel real to you, Mom?  It doesn't feel to me like we're really going to meet them!"

When we got to the book store, I immediately saw a few people we knew.  We were directed to first, get in line to get a postcard so you can write to the Duggar's and they will write you back.  We were also to get a post-it note that goes on your book once you buy it.  Then you wait for someone to walk you to the end of the actual line to see them.  We got there about 10 minutes before it was supposed to actually start and I heard there were already hundreds of people in line.

I got in line behind a lady with two little girls.  She immediately turned to me and said, "Let's make a pact... if either of us needs to take our kids to the bathroom, we'll save each other's spot!"  I enthusiastically agreed.

We also ran into some dear friends with four daughters, we adopted one of them for this adventure; Iris's friend, Katie.

Over the next TWO AND A HALF hours!!!.... we got to know the wonderful family in front of us pretty well, and a few of the others in line also.  I feel like we left having made friends.

When we finally made it to the Duggar's we were surprised and delighted that quite a few of them were at the table, along with some of their friends, the Bates!

Here we are with the older girls, left to right: Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Jana
Lucy was pretty bashful, but gave her name when asked, she really wanted to say more, but was just feeling shy.  Clyde covered his bashfulness with silly faces and voices.  Iris was feeling pretty comfortable, I think.

Here's a not very good shot of Clyde and Iris talking with Jedediah and JoyAnna, I couldn't get at a good angle, but it was neat :)

Here we are with Jim Bob & Michelle, along with Jordan coloring in the corner. :)  And don't you just love Clyde's face here?!

Our new book....

And our new autographs!

New experience...I've never been to a book signing before!