Monday, April 21, 2014

Cade's Cove in the Rain

On Saturday, my uncle, Norman and my cousin, Joshua went around the cove with us.  It was rainy, but still gorgeous and fun!

The kids started out the loop like this...

We still played around the creek.... just not IN it.

Norman, Iris and Clyde...

A big chunk of our group. 

the bears...they were running so fast, this was the only picture I could get before they disappeared into the trees.  We saw deer and turkey too, just didn't take pics.

My mandatory group shot!  Thank you, men, for patiently participating!

The park rangers showed Clyde and Iris some types of toys that children from the area used to play with long ago and helped them recreate some.

After the rain became heavier, we rode like this ;)
 the end.

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