Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

We spent a wonderful Easter weekend with Dad, Janet, and Sherry!  I was a wee bit light-headed, but that means I'll only load 20 pictures on here instead of 100 :)

Friday Clyde and Grandad investigated some rather interesting snakes in Clyde's favorite snake book.

Saturday afternoon, they all opened their Easter baskets. 

The annual jump-over-Grandad's-creek picture to get to Grandmom's famous egg hunt!

Grandmom & Grandad after the egghunt...

kids and their crazy number of eggs!

kids crowd around Grandad...

Grandad totes Clyde away with his mower, to which Clyde gleefully succumbs.

Sunday morning they sang 'Lord I Lift Your Name On High' at the church.

After worship, the church hosted another egg hunt...

Sherry and I took individual pictures and a group shot.  This year, she took the cake in the individuals, but I am rather happy with my group shot!
We had a great Easter celebrating our Lord's resurrection with our family!!


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