Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Emilia's Signtacular

At least, I'm PRETTY sure it was called "Signtacular."  Emilia is part of the sign language club at her school and is considering going into a field working with the deaf community.   Recently, I attended the club's Signtacular... if that's indeed what it was called.

It was so cool!  And she did a FANTASTIC job!!  Between acts the audience waved their hands in the air instead of clapping, I assume this is how the deaf applaud.  Anyway, there were several acts, skits, songs, poetry, stories.  Emilia participated in the opening and closing songs, as well as a skit.

We were told not to take flash photography, or maybe more of my 30 pictures would have turned out.  But this is all you get ;)

AND I finally got to meet her boyfriend, Dillon!

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