Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aiden & Evan's Birthday Party

My cousin's boys recently had their 1st and 3rd birthday parties.  It was neat getting to see them and the kids all had a great time!

Iris chasing Aiden...

Aiden running to a safe zone (aka- Grandma)

the awesome cake!!

Lu capturing Aiden...

When Aiden was done with her, she found someone a little calmer that ;)  Baby Jackson stayed with her for quite some time!

Iris and Kaylee enjoying April's chocolate mustaches!

Clyde with a chocolate mustache.

Aiden, with his parents and grandma, getting ready to blow out his and Evan's candles!

I got tons more pics of Evan than Aiden because, well, Aiden is one energetic kid!!  My camera and legs weren't quite up to the challenge!  But here's some awesome Evan pics!

Aiden giving brother a kiss :)

Stephen holding Aiden trying to calm him down.

Opening presents!  Notice who's holding the baby ;)

Parents opening for baby Evan :)

Clyde taking a turn cuddling with Evan.

We all enjoyed the party!

Happy Birthday, Boys!!

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