Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lucy's Science Fair

Stephen & Lucy planned out what her science fair project was going to be about well in advance.  I told them I would be happy to help her with the report and the display since Daddy was going to help her with the actual experiment.  Well, they did a great job!.... the weekend before it was due ;)

Here are the supplies they needed.

Basically, her experiment was set up to see how ions affected the flow of electricity through distilled water.  She had the leads of a multimeter set up in a bowl of distilled water and measured the resistance.  Then she would add a quarter teaspoon of salt, wait 15 minutes and measure again.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.. etc.

Here they are during one of the 15 minute waits.

Then, of course, it was my turn to help.  Experiment happened Saturday, church on Sunday, Dollywood Monday (future blog entry), which left Tuesday to complete the report and board.  Yikes!!  She had MONTHS to actually do this, but you know.... we're THOSE kind of people.

Here's part of our mess Tuesday night. 

Here is a VERY tired girl sitting on her Daddy's lap at midnight,  desperately trying to make her paper longer.

The next morning she's up early greeting people at the door along with other members of her science class.  She's also sneaking a cookie before people with milky hands can touch them.

Here's the project that almost sent me into a state of SHEER PANIC.  (I wondered for a week after this if the school staff would mind if I showed up early the next Wednesday and cleaned all the door knobs and faucet handles while she was in math.)  It was a neat project, but EEEK!  This is what my nightmares are made of!

Here's the project that took first place.  Second place went to a project on fire tornados, and third went to an adult vs. kids tasting test... I think.  So neat walking around reading all the cool projects!!

For Clyde to become a social butterfly, you just need to take him to a science fair.  He was IN his element!  He made fast friends with this kid and showed a great deal of interest in his project. 

And here is my sweet Lu with her first ever science fair project!!  Yay!!

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