Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Costume Parties At Local Churches (Picture Dump)

Starting off at our first church fall party...

A close-up of this lovely face...

SO many little girls were smitten by my two big ones.  Lots of them wanted to "meet Anna & Elsa" and got very sheepish once they did.

pony pics of Elsa and Captain American on horseback didn't turn out so swell.

Elsa feeding the goats.

Cuddles with Daddy.

Elsa golfing.

Dorothy tossing for a soda.

Ninja made EVERY football toss he attempted.  Notice his proud father on the right.

Turns out, Cap is pretty good at shooting baskets.

Little girls make a happy landing x100.

Cap takes putting very seriously.

Elsa explains the basics of mini-golf to a Lalaloopsy doll.

Lalaloopsy gets plenty more advice.  This happens many times.

More Daddy cuddles.

Ninja and Parents.  Some of my favorite peeps.

Lalaloopsy a wee dab happy.

Beginning Baby bump.  Come on #7!  We're excited!

Happy Girls.

Star throwing Ninja.

Papa and Elsa.

Morgan LaFaye, Elsa, Victorian girl and Sockhop girl await balloons.

Kids with Nena and Papa.

Sockhop Girl attempts bucket toss.

Victorian Lady with her prize.

Elsa and Morgan test whose powers are stronger.

Besties!! Dorothy and Anna.

Mr Matt with just a portion of his offsprings' loot.

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