Sunday, March 1, 2015

Costumes! Finished Products!!

I don't know what my problem is.  I can never go low key with costumes... last year was the closest I ever got.  And it's not like my kids throw fits or beg.  *sigh*  I guess my imagination just runs wild and I get too excited, and go overboard.  Stephen sighs a lot, but is, overall, understanding and patient.

Clyde was easy-peasy.  He wanted to be Captain America.  I was really afraid it wouldn't fit...he's so tall and most costumes run short.  But it was perfect!  So glad he hasn't grown out of wanting to dress like a superhero!  He was a rockin Cap!!

Iris was a wee bit more difficult.  She spotted Anna's coronation day dress and let me know right away that this was the ONE.  I did the whole sizing chart and everything, but it came to us super big.  I had to do alterations...bring in the sides of the dress and add ribbons over her shoulder just to keep it on.  It was still too long, but she made due.  And she was GORGEOUS!!

Lucy was the tricky one this year.  She decided to be Elsa in her ice dress.  We looked online, but it's hard to find disney princess dresses for someone her age.  Also, she wasn't sure she cared for how they looked, so I was all "oh, I'll just make you one, pick out whatever fabric you like" as though it was going to be SO easy.  It was NOT.  You saw my first version of it where we trick-or-treated at Dad's, but I had to do a number of alterations on it before I could let her play in it or be in public in it.  And it made her look SO grown up.  I mean, that dress is one thing on an animated person, but quite another on a real live girl.  BUT she loved it, so it was worth it!! I wish I had taken more pics of her, I feel that these two don't do her justice.  She was LOVELY.

Here's our hair designer.  She came over specifically to help with hair because she's the BEST AUNT EVER!

 All ready for the costume party!!

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