Thursday, April 12, 2018

Basement Insanity

Backposting for July of 2017

One morning, we awoke to a flooded basement.  And although our basement was, prior to this, by no means lovely, it was functional and without huge flaws and thus VERY LOW on our list of things to fix up.  

It took forever for the insurance company to agree with the clean-up company on what needed to be done, and for things to dry out.  And it took forever to find flooring within the amount of money allotted to us by the insurance company.  They were supposed to cover demolition of the old floor too, but it was just so much cheaper to rip it up ourselves.

So that's what Stephen spent his birthday doing...

The basement sat empty for a WHILE, while the rest of the rooms in our house were filled with all the STUFF that had previously been downstairs... including ourselves.  Mine and Stephen's bedroom was packed, so we slept in the officeon some twin mattresses, until THAT floor had to be ripped up, and then....

...we moved to the living room.  The kids thought it was cool that we were sleeping in the living room so they would sometimes drag their mattresses in there and we would all 5, along with two pups, sleep in there together.

And I had the sudden BRILLIANT plan to sand and paint our cabinets down in our empty basement while we waited on new floors.  (spoiler alert- I was not successful, I'm not superwoman.  if you have painted your cabinets, you are superwoman.)

While the cabinet process dragged on and got more stressful, I got word that the floors were coming so the kids and I frantically sanded, washed, and primed the entire downstairs (minus the packed bedroom).

and then we painted it a light bluish-gray.  We got that done hours before the new floor came.

The first thing moved back into position was Lucy's organ, she wasn't able to practice on it for forever and it was driving her batty.

All the crazy came out of our room!!  yay!

The main area went back to normal.

Then Stephen put his office back together.  He had been working from our noisy kitchen all this time.  (and remember... we homeschool.  Yeah, let that sink in.)

We heart our floor guy, Amir!  He was just amazing. 

And our downstairs looked brand new!!  Woot!  Woot!  (mostly because it's all behind us now.

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