Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fun Miscellaneous Pictures

Backpost from July-September of 2017

This is where are put the pictures I love that don't fit into other posts :)

This is the day that Mom took Sherry, Clyde, and I out to buy Clyde some fall clothes.  He chose Red Lobster just so he could have these bad beauties, here.  Cause Nena is awesome like that!

 After the dogs got into some paper towels, I swept them up and and took a quick pic before disposing. 

This is just happy and pretty :)

Iris wasn't feeling well, and the pups could tell.

Lucy watching some drawing tutorials...

flowers.  if i remember correctly, we were all stopped up with pollen problems when we were buying these, but they were so pretty!

Pokemon Go and downtown exercise

Creative Surfaces let me keep this sample while I waited on my new countertops, and I still keep it because it's so pretty.

Just thought this was cute of Miss Blue Eyes


This hair!  I mean, even when you just slap it up on her head, it's so pretty!

And SHE is just so pretty

the boys working on some plumbing after the new countertops were put in

Clyde letting his darling Lupine ride/play on his back

Clyde imitating his Dad.

Iris morphed the coffee table into a sort of throne/daybed for Falkor

New couch got delivered after old one broke.  It's just a couple of shades darker, other than that.... exactly the same.  Because it's cheap. 

<3 p="">

Iris and Nana made this from scratch I believe.

So this was a fun pic... while he waited on vet.  I was trying to get it centered... couldve done a tad better.  But ISN'T FALKOR THE CUTEST??!!

Snuck a pic in during trombone.

Close-up of these freckles! <3 p="">

We went in Marshall's and Falkor picked out a toy and carried it to the front.

Then Fleur stole it, so Falkor ate her leg.

Silly dog with a stick.

Thanks for joining us!

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