Friday, April 27, 2018

The Kids' 2nd Excursion to Lake Winnie

Backposting for September of 2017

Shockingly, I suppose, my kids had never been to Lake Winnie until 2015 when their cousins visited.  They really enjoyed it this year so we made it happen again this year!!

We were a bit short on funds with the basement, school starting, and having to buy fall clothes, but we didn't want to break a promise, so we went anyway... and as we walked in, we were given three free passes!!  Sometimes the Lord chooses to say "no" to our prayers, big and small.  And sometimes he bestows a gift on us of some sort without us even thinking to ask...big and small.  This was one of those times where we were just stunned and thankful for this small unexpected help.

Sherry went with us, and that always makes EVERYTHING extra fun!

The train....
It's been there FOREVER!

Tilt-a-whirl with my boy!



photobombing my boy who is concentrating intensely on the antique cars

The cannonball!  Notice Clyde is never too busy to make a face for my pictures... that he knows I won't like.  It's all good though, it just shows his personality! :P

Still... never too busy.

In the water half...

Lucy is being the eldest and holding the other two back so I can get a pic ;) . Thanks eldest!!

Clyde started shivering and turning blue... even in the sun.  So Stephen grabbed and emergency blanket for him, and he LOVED it!


more cannonball!

have to photobomb my eldest as well!

Sherry and Iris!!

Love it!  We'll have to visit again this summer!

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