Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cave

I am WAY behind on blogging, due to not being well adjusted to our Mac. Stephen has had to Mac-train me. Sorry.

But I digress...

My Mom hangs out with us MOST Thursdays and often takes us out. One particular Thursday she had researched a local cave and bought us tickets. The kids had such a great time. They talked our tour-guide's ears off making our tour probably longer than it should have been. We were the only ones on the tour, though, and she was most patient.

After our cave tour the kids got to do something they have wanted to do "their whole lives" (yeah really long time, I know).....gem mining. They loved that the best!

Lucy and Iris did gems.

Clyde did arrowheads.

Thanks Nina!


  1. Oh how exciting!! You all got a mac!!!! I love mine!! :)

  2. haha...well yeah, it's taken some adjustments, but I love it