Saturday, October 23, 2010

Days of Yesteryear

We spent last weekend at my Dad's.....AKA Grandad and Grandmom's house.

This is always TOO fun and the kids just eat it up.

But this time was probably even more fun than normal, because we trick-or-treated Grandmom style. (this means the kids make several rounds through the house knocking on doors where different adults greet them and give them Grandmom-designated treats in their costumes). Then we went to the Days of Yesteryear Antique Tractor Show....

we saw a blacksmith, kids rode in tractor-pulled-carts, we saw the many uses of a tractor engine (pumping water, grinding grain, all kinds of craziness) had the kid's faces painted, dug in big containers of corn and soy beans, admired Grandad's old truck, sampled some on-site pressed apple cider, etc, etc....

Then we topped it off with Grandmom buying The Incredibles and watching it together!

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