Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Traumatic Day

There's nothing like one of THOSE kind of days.

All of you mamas have had one.

We had one today.

Lucy had been high on energy and feeling good all day. She emptied the dishwasher for me while singing this morning. She had actually slept in til 9:45 and ate breakfast at 10:15. Then she did school for awhilde and did it well.

At 12:30 ish (?) I had her stand in the livingroom so I could pin/alter her costume. She had been standing there all of 1 minute....AT MOST 2.

Then she said, Mom, my tummy hurts.

Then she collapsed.

She laid there with her eyes open, completely unresponsive to her siblings and I. For probably 30 LONG seconds. I yelled for her....thinking this did not look like a faint, did not look like a seizure....but WHAT WAS HAPPENING to MY BABY. but she would not answer. Iris and Clyde were crying and yelling her name. I remember only a couple of moments in my life that I was this scared.

I called 911 and while I was answering their questions she woke up.

Thank you Lord! she woke up and looked SO bewildered.

We took her to the Dr and they think she passed out, but they don't know why. She had a very traumatic blood-drawing....oh my.

She's been tired and weak feeling the rest of the day, but she got on the computer and played Pixie Hollow. And I was exhausted. A very happy-contented-relieved kind of exhausted. I wish I knew what caused it, but I am just so thankful, because the most frightening of possibilities rushed through my mind while she was lying there.

But rest assured someone is going to be holding this darling child's hand for the next few days everywhere she goes.


  1. Wow. We'll be praying. So thankful to hear she is okay right now.

  2. Oh man. What a day! Praying for her and for you!

  3. I can't imagine...I'm glad she is ok.

  4. thanks all. She seems to be much improved, hopefully it was just a fluke. She'll see the Dr again on Mon to double check on some tests.