Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I am the impulsive spontaneous one in our marriage. Stephen prefers steadiness and planning ahead. I also am sadly oblivious to how much things cost. Stephen said one day that he would faint dead away if I ever came up with something to do that was free.

Really? Am I that bad?

Shortly after his declaration I declared I wanted to do something fun.

"How much is it going to cost?" - Him


(No fainting or exclamations or anything) yeah I KNEW he was exaggerating!

So we had a scavenger hunt at the mall. We split into two teams (kids got to pick).

Me and Iris VS. Daddy, Lucy and Clyde.

This was our list:

child wearing crazy headband
child in front of punch bug
child on escalator
child with sunglasses
child wearing boots
parent watching a tv
child wearing wings
child with necktie
child eating cookie
child holding pomegranate lotion
child sitting on a bed
child with photography magazine at Barnes and Noble

here are some of the highlights

yeah so Stephen got smart and would put two things in one picture....hmph.

you could do the list in any order, except the last one had to be last so we would meet up and know who won

oh my goodness
THIS WAS SUCH A HIT! They absolutely loved it and have been wanting to do it since.

Oh and Daddy's team won BARELY! Iris and I DID have to wait FOREVER for our cookie!!

....but I am still waiting for Stephen to pass out ;)


  1. This is a great idea, but when I read the list I thought it meant to had to find kids (other than yours) and wondered if you were going to randomly shoot pics of strangers. :-)

  2. that is too funny! oh man, I could never do that.