Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving at Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary's House

We went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to visit Stephen's family. His Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary lovingly allowed us to crash their dinner. Some of their kids and grandkids were there, along with Stephen's dad, Uncle Butch and Aunt Betty.

Stephen shoots the breeze while his family cooks for us :)

Lucy and Chloe practice their hunting skills, by aiming at the bird in a painting.

Clyde's apparently practicing his assassin skills?

Iris absorbing the rare chance to play with dogs with her Papa looking on.

The Haywood men, showing off their knives and knife sharpening skills :)

Trampolines and Tire swings

Chloe and Iris conducting some self-instruction in photography.

I wish so much I had gotten more pictures of the grown ups...I think I was completely absorbed with getting pics of the kids.....oh well!

Thanks Brice/Papa :) Thanks Ray and Mary! We had a beautiful Thanksgiving!!

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