Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can you teach a lesson too well?

So Iris has suddenly been less enthusiastic about Christmas the last day or so. Kind of sad and thoughtful.

The presents that Stephen and I ordered for her came in the mail this morning. And they are so STINKIN cute! Thinking it would excite her a little...I picked the package up off the porch and yelled, "Iris, your presents are here, I think I'm going to go wrap them."

She just looked at the box sadly.

"Honey, is something wrong?"

"Mommy, what if I like them..then I'm going to have to give them to somebody else." her eyes are watering up.

"No, Sweetie, these are for you. They're from Mommy and Daddy, for you."

"I know, but Christmas is the season for giving not for getting." (how's that for right out of the Christmas play and the Veggie Tales movie we watched last night.)

"Yes, Baby, it is, but you are GIVING the presents you bought for Clyde and Lucy, you don't have to give away the presents that we give you. Do you understand?"

There was a wary hopefulness on her face.

"So you think I might get to keep what's in that box?"

We talked in circles for awhile. I'm still not sure if she's going to be happy or cry when she opens her presents Christmas morning. She's not convinced that I know what I'm talking about.

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