Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Haywood Family Reunion

Alright people.

This is complicated at first.

Stephen's grandmother on the Haywood side is named Lizzie Johnson Haywood Goforth. She was one of several (I have the genealogy around here somewhere) children of (sombody) Johnson. Okay...okay, I have his name around here somewhere, but I'm tired. Anyway...the descendants of this man have a family reunion annually the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There are ALOT of descendants!!! But it's pretty cool.

Anywhooo...this is a picture of ONLY those descended from Grandma Lizzie (minus many who couldn't be there and remember, she had lots of siblings....)

The kids met more cousins....

well...children of cousins...

Then we went to Stephen's cousin Joey's house and played with his and Tammy's kids some more.....

Lucy actually got to hold and play with dogs *gasp*

Our kids showed their true INDOOR colors as they whined about small scrapes and stuff.

But really they had a BLAST!

They mourned leaving these kids the whole ride home.

Clyde particularly hit it off with Stephen's cousin Steve's little girl, Summer.

Lucy particularly hit it off with Joey's daughter Courtney and Christy's daughter, Madison.
I think they're a particularly beautiful trio.

Iris liked her cousin Dawson, the puppies and whining. :)

Joey testing Stephen's IQ and both of them getting a kick out of it...

Joey and Stephen built us a fire...

Thanks Milton, Paula, Joey, Tammy, Steve and Suzannah!!!

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