Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving with Nana, Aunt Charity and Co.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Nana's friend, Bill's house. All in attendance were: Nana, Stephen's twin sister, Charity, her boyfriend Kevin, Bill, his daughter, Janae, our kids, and Charity's kids; Soulea, Mirzanna, Devonne and Mikayla.

Unfortunately, I once again forgot to get pictures of any grown ups and apparently went on a super kid photo spree.

The kids have not seen these cousins since Clyde was 6 months old....except Soulea. The last time we saw Soulea, Iris was 5 months old and Soulea helped rescue Clyde from drowning. Boy was that a traumatic experience!!!

The whole crew....back row- Janae, Lucy, Mirzanna, Soulea, Clyde
front row- Devonne, Mikayla, Iris


Making Turkeys!!!

Clyde and Mirzanna tackled a few games of checkers and chess.

eating thanksgiving dinner

playing afterwards at Aunt Charity's house

Devonne proving his strength by picking up all of his cousins

They had the BEST! time playing with their cousins and they already miss them!

Wow! Soulea has grown! Lucy was so excited to see him and always misses him.

Thanks Nana and Bill!!!

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