Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Dad,

No one else has a Dad like you!  You were crazy fun to grow up with!  (Riding bikes in the ditches, catching animals, riding in your lawnmower wagon trains, putting tape on cat feet, Pinderella and the three Sad Blisters....and this list comes without even thinking hard)

Thanks for feeding my passions...literally :)  (i.e. my dog, my cats, my turtle, my rabbits, my bird, my 3 tanksful of fish...)

And for the insanely shocking gifts you thought up and worked so hard to obtain...we were always stunned creative.

Thanks for uncomplainingly finishing all my crazy projects... (i.e. hanging a hammock in my room, building my tree house, ripping my carpets up, rebuilding antique violin cases, turning the small hole I tried to dig into a fish  pond..etc, etc....)

Thanks for giving me passions and talents I never would have developed on my own. (i.e. violin, trombone, GOOD music in general, using power tools)   i couldn't find a pic with you and i in the same band for some reason

Thanks for showing me what a good man is. That was helpful.

Thanks for always keeping me in a church family, so that I could learn to love God, and how He loves me.

Thanks for being such a good GrandDad :) and showing my kids some of the same stuff you showed me.

 I love you, Dad.  You're better than a moose.

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