Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do Things Like This Happen To Other People???

I packed up the twins we're watching and my 3 and drove 4 hours to where sweet Stephen is working this week.  We had a very pleasant ride up.

Guess what happened when we got there??

Wellll, I'll tell you.  This happened to be the only trip in the history of our marriage where I haven't packed food. We tried to go out for dinner, cause we were oh-so-hungry, only our card were denied.  And no we didn't bring cash, cause we never dreamed that our Credit Union's server would be down and that we would be incapable of buying ANYTHING!

My quick thinking hubby, however, remembered that we have credit on our Sam's club, drove to Sam's and bought food.

THEN, Lucy started hurting...badly.  She started looking a little allergic.  We put her to bed.  20 Minutes later, the sweet child threw up all over herself and 2 hotel rooms.  So now we're trying to majorly restrict her diet.  And I didn't want to be out of town with her this way, so we turned right around and came back home. 

So, yes.  I did indeed drive 4 hours  yesterday and 4 hours today and WAS IT FUN!  (read with hint of sarcasm)

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