Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Family Heritage Field Trip

My Mom goes annually to her mother's and her grandmother's cemeteries to put out flowers with her sisters.  But due to high work load at the Red Cross lately, she missed her regularly scheduled trip.  So THIS time, Sherry, the kids and I got to go with her.

Here's Lucy doing a crayon rubbing of Grandma's (HER great-grandma) name and birthday.  She was fine for a while and tried making the picture of Grandma's name pretty with flowers, but then she got very sad.  She's old enough that she still remembers when she was alive.

Here's a picture of my Grandma with Iris back in the day.

Then we went to the other cemetery where my "Granny" (or great-grandma) was buried.  Clyde did a crayon rubbing of her name with my great grandfather's name also. 

Here's a picture of my Granny (who I remember) and my great grandfather....Ida and Henry.

Here we are where their house (in the above picture) used to be.

Here we are in front of the old store that these little girls (my mom and my aunt Sissy) along with their 5 siblings used to walk to to get penny candy.

So that was our family history lesson.  The kids were not nearly as impressed as they should have been ;)

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  1. that's totally awesome. if you do it again when they're older - and then wait 20 more years - you'll hear them talk about it during a family get together. 'remember when mom took us to see...'

    and that will make it priceless.