Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Love through the eyes of a BOY

Though I, of course, love all of my children's art equally...

I simply had to showcase Clyde's Father's Day cards for Stephen's Dad and my Dad.

First, I love my Dad's card, because my Dad has this thing about moose. But notice that Clyde drew layers of earth under the moose and decided to help educate us all by labeling them.  (interpretation of 7 year old talk - antlers, moose, grass, dirt/seeds, dirt/rocks, sand) I  don't ever remember teaching him this.  Then, he figured it would be helpful to label the moose itself and the antlers.  

But my favorite piece of art he's ever drawn was this card for Stephen's Dad.  First, notice how he apparently imagines the word "dragon" to be pronounced.  But the picture itself is my fave!!!  This is Papa...shooting a dragon for Clyde.  And the bullets spell out "I love you". 
Yep.  That's the ultimate "I love you" for a boy.  Spell it out with bullets while killing a dragon.  Such a man.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. Love the bullet love and the dirt/grass descriptions.