Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Proper Young Lady" lessons for Lavender

It was decided, today, that Lavender needed to be taught to be a proper young lady.

Each child in the house gave themselves a job to do which they deemed important to the agreed upon mission.

Here is Lavender sporting her new, blue silk riding ensemble, with matching feather hat made by none other, than aspiring dressmakers, Lucy and Meg.

Lilly decided to abandon the seemingly hopeless endeavor for more productive and edifying tasks.

Here is Lavender sporting her jeweled collar designed by the royal jeweler, Iris.

Here she explores her new royal quarters, including ferret sized, table, bed, throne, tissue box (with real, ferret sized tissues), art work, etc, etc.....all of this provided by Clyde and Iris.  Clyde also provide the royal music and dance.

Then, she is received driving instructions from Meg, in her Clyde-built queen's carriage.

And the ferret survived happily ever after.  The end.

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