Saturday, January 28, 2012

Iris's Butterfly Party

Well, she asked for it..."butterflies EVERYWHERE!"

It started with the invitations.  Her big sister helped make them :)

Here she is baking her cake with me last night (she learned to crack eggs...she did 3 perfectly all by herself, but she was still sad about her first one landing on the floor, silly girl).  She also did ALOT of cleaning yesterday....always a requirement at our house before you have your party..

Frosting it this morning....

Here's the kitchen. (forgot to get a pic of the livingroom)

Here's the birthday girl with her cake.  (those words are actually in purple..they look brown in the pic)  She COULD NOT wait for her friends to get here!! 

Little girls eating spaghetti!

Waiting for cake...

Her friends all brought her very sweet and thoughtful presents.  And they made the sweetest cards.  I love keeping cards that their friends make them as their growing...we will have them MUCH longer than the presents themselves, I'm sure.  I'd love to find a creative way to preserve them.

She finally got to open "the big present from Mommy and Daddy."  It was a Minnie Mouse pillow pet...she has been longing for this for A WHILE!


They made these little stainglass butterflies.  I totally wish I had gotten a picture of all of them.  But it wasn't very smart of me to do this craft...not very age appropriate caused more frustration for the kiddos than it did delight!  At least they were happy with them after they were baked!!

Then they played 'Elefun' and caught butterflies....

They played hard for quite a while...all kinds of stuff.

 Now that the last guest has left, she has settled herself on the couch to color with one of her new presents.

In two baby will be 6!


  1. Ummm i don't even recognize her anymore! Someone is always having a fun themed party at your house!

  2. I can not wait until me and Kevin and the kids can come visit you all.