Friday, January 13, 2012

Doll Sized Cakes

Lucy and E recently informed me that they haven't had a sleepover with JUST eachother since they were six.  (GASP)  OH THE HORROR!

Well, we just couldn't have that!

Let  me tell  ya...these girls no how to pack a punch into one itty-bitty evening. 

They played dolls for SEVERAL hours before asking to bake doll sized cupcakes.

If these two ever own a human-sized bakery, they're going to need some mighty big hair-nets!

They even made their own fondant and sculpted it FOREVER!  (I'm such a push over)

They have finally gotten ready for bed, but their dolls need mani- pedi- 's first.  (Lucy has never had one...not sure how she knows what they are.)

(Smile)  It's been sweet watching/listening to them :)

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