Friday, January 13, 2012

We Took a "Baby Day"

It wasn't exactly a snow day.  We'll call it a "baby day".  You of those days you completely skip school and go hang out with friends because your parents just had another baby ;)  And your friends get a free pass too!  Um...and it was NOT us that had the baby ;)

Iris and A playing Webkinz...

The boys did a LOT of this wii nonsense....and they LOVED it! Guess who the "funny one" is?  Lucy told me that T is "SO funny".  She then tried to repeat something funny he told her.  She tried VERY hard.  But she never succeeded due to laughing so hard she could barely breathe.

The girls crafted A TON.  But I didn't get a picture of that...instead I got a picture of them deciding which color roof we should get.  And you know what?  I'm going with their decision.

Oh yeah, I did get a picture of their puppet show.  They made a compromise with the boys.  They would not expect attendance at their puppet show as long as the boys would  set up their spy cameras in front of the "stage" and watch it that way ;)

It was a ton of fun listening to them and watching them all interact and play.  And the next morning I got to hold one adorable Baby P :)

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