Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clyde's Birthday Dinner

Clyde decided long ago that his birthday dinner would be at PF Chang's this year.  Normally it's Japanese, but this year, apparently, his preference has changed to Chinese. 

Lu and NeNa...

Stephen and I...

David and Papa...

Iris got Clyde a book from his favorite comic series....SONIC!!  (despite expressions here, they really were excited!)

Lucy got Clyde a Kung-Fu Panda book, which really, you can't go wrong with that since Clyde knows EVERYTHING about martial arts (wink wink)...and we got to get Sherry in another pic....somehow at the end of the table she was able to avoid the pics : P

Sherry and David got him a gift card to learning express (which he spent on Ninjago Legos and a sky ball immediately after dinner...thanks S&D!!)

Mommy and Daddy got him a Webkinz aardvark...

NeNa and Papa got him TWO Ninjago sets!! 

I just have to show him eating....Clyde eating is a wondrous thing.
honey chicken...

lo know, cause the soup and chicken would never be enough (I promise we don't typically let him eat like that)

Iris and her lettuce wraps...sometimes she eats them as wraps...sometimes she doesn't...

Lucy loves PF Changs because they are so allergy friendly!  But even so, she always gets the same things, wonton soup, plain rice and plain chicken...then she adds soy sauce.  This makes her VERY happy.

Sherry made dye/dairy free cookies (yes, those yellow sprinkles are dye free!) and they were GOOD!

But Clyde opted for banana spring rolls with pineapple/coconut icecream.

Papa and I may have each stollen one banana thinking this dessert was simply too much for just Clyde.  He politely didn't say a word.  But when he was finished, he did express a little disappointment that we had eaten them, because he had plenty of room in his tummy after all ;)

clump of ice cream from the right hand...bite of spring roll from the left....clump from the right...bite from the left...

When we got home he immediately asked if he could please "adopt" Freddy the Aardvark into his Webkinz account instead of taking books to bed.  Daddy said, "yes."

We all had a great time and yummy food (I had Mu Shu!!).  Thanks Ne-Na and Papa. 

Happy Birthday, my's almost here!

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