Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Wii Party For A Not-So-Wee Clyde

My boy has been planning his 8th birthday party for awhile.  He decided he wanted a wii party.  He wanted his friends to come over and play wii...and that was it. 

When I asked if he still wanted cake, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "of course!...and shrimp...and sweet potato casserole."  He wanted a red cake with just the word "Wii" on it.  I reminded him that red makes him sick at his stomach so we went and picked out some blue sprinkles colored with some kind of vegetable extract.  We made a completely dye (for him) and dairy (for his sister) free cake from scratch!! 

Oh and he wanted Shadow the Hedgehog (friend to Sonic...I assume?...guess I need to learn these important details!) and his motorcycle on the cake.  I, being the weird mother I am, just really needed the word "Clyde" and the number "8" somewhere on the I made a road sign.  And, fortunately, he approved it!  (When I was stressing about not having "Clyde" and "8" on the cake like a loony woman, Stephen heroically suggested the road sign...what a man!)

Since you can only have 4 wii-motes playing at a time, I told Clyde he only needed to invite 3 friends so no one would be left out of the games.  Here are the four boys waiting on sweet potato casserole and popcorn shrimp while wearing their Sonic and Knuckles hedgehog hats.

Here they are right before singing "Happy Birthday"...


Clyde and McKellan...

Clyde and Will...

Clyde and Drew...

Playing Wii !!!

A few "after party" shots :)

*sigh*  eight years since I held that fuzzy little baby with the pointy ears  :)


  1. ...And very long tiny fingers and toes!!! Will had fun! Thanks for all you did for the party and your families continued friendship.

  2. You have an 8yr old?!!? Awesome road sign ;)