Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dad's Birthday

We are planning on doing something extra fun for Grandad/Dad's birthday this year.  But it's going to fall after his actual birthday.  So Sherry and I were totally not okay with waiting until then to sing, and do cards and all that :)


Here's Dad with his present, which may or may not have included peanuts...and Janet may or may not have gotten him a really SOFT calf-skin covered Scoffield Bible with wide margins.  (Since I'm not Baptist, I'm not sure if I spelled that right...forgive me.)

Dad and Lu...

Dad and Iris....

Dad and Clyde....

Dad and Clyde being uber silly :P

Janet trying to not have her picture taken...and succeeding except for her fingers :)

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti.  Feliz Cumpleanos a ti.  Feliz Cumpleanos a Padre/Abuelo!  Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!!!

Love you Dad!

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