Monday, September 3, 2012

Iris Graduates Kindergarten

Look out, First Grade, Here she comes!

Only, in purple.  Because when she looked at Lucy's & Clyde's Kindergarten graduation pictures she thought their outfits looked really weird.  Lucy mentioned that maybe Mommy could find it in purple.  Would that be better??

Apparently it would.

We had her choice of dinner, sesame chicken & baked beans with chocolate chip bars for dessert.

We played some more headbandz and taught the visiting adults how to play ;)

Showed off all of her Kindergarten work and opened cards and presents.  She showed off her mad reading skilz by reading her cards aloud.

Money from Nena and Papa...

Money and a card that sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" from David and Sherry...

Lalaloopsy Car from Mommy and Daddy...

Then we moved the festivities to Grandad's and Grandmom's house.  Only Mommy FORGOT to bring the cap and gown.  Fortunately, it wasn't missed!

Grandad and Grandmom bought her some iris earrings and an iris brooch, of which she is VERY proud.

Here's Grandad pretending to take the money they gave her back, but he can't seem to get her goat :)

*Sigh*  Wow, once your baby is in 1st's kinda weird!

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