Monday, September 3, 2012


We have a new favorite family game!!!  Headbandz!!

It was inexpensive, as far as games go.  They have a standard version and a Disney version.  And really, you've probably played a handmade/teacher-made version of this that cost nothing.  We opted for the Disney version.

You put a card on your head and take turns asking yes-or-no questions until your timer runs out.  The first person to figure out 3 cards wins.  It takes no hands, of course, so we often play during dinner.

Here's Stephen teasing Lu about not being able to guess who she is, even though she knows she's a green animal in Pinnochio :)  She got it about 2 seconds after I took the picture.

Clyde guessing who he is while eating.

Stephen as Wall-E...

Ugh...I took a HORRID picture of myself as Captain Hook, then when I looked at the camera to see how it turned out, I realized I had inadvertently cheated and had to get a new card!

Iris.  She's figured out she's a princess, but which one?

Stephen doesn't believe us when we tell him he's in a CLASSIC Disney movie, but not any of the ones he's guessed.  He's certain he has named ALL the CLASSICS.  So he starts looking up classic Disney to prove us wrong. ;)

 Lu asking questions about Boo.

Very fun game, but could certainly be created for the cost of a pen and paper.  But for those of us who are tired, low on time, and enjoy pretty's worth the money!

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  1. We have the regular game…going to have to look into the Disney one. Looks fun!