Monday, October 29, 2012


I turned 32 the other day.

I declared it a Household Holiday.

As I was stretching and waking up, Clyde brought a newly folded cootie catcher in the room so I could find out what I should do that day to be creative.

When he left, Iris brought in a cootie catcher to let  me know what I should do that's fun.

When she left, Lucy brought a cootie catcher to me and let me know what I should eat.

There was whispering and giggling in the hallway in between cootie catchers.

Then Iris and Lucy made some games for me to play so I could know how old I was turning.

Then Clyde made me a banner that was pulled by a remote control hexbug.  It went along right in front of me so I could read, "Happy Birthday, Mommy."

Stephen let me pick a restaurant.  I went with the predictable favorite....PFChangs!

Opened Stephen's really sweet card.  He purposely took a picture of my eyes getting watery, but I did NOT put that one on here.

Lucy made me a very pretty card....

Clyde's card and the necklace that he put into and envelope, then a box, then a bigger box...etc...etc...

Iris's card and the green pin cushion she made me....

I also received cards from my parents and Sherry & David.  Great Birthday!  So blessed!

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