Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reformation Day

Kinda at the last minute, a few of us with KWA (my new acronym for Kids With it?) decided the idea of doing our normal Reformation Day activities was making us freak out a little.  And we would have to take our kids' candy away and all of that, so.... in lieu of taking candy from a baby, we decided to just hang out together.

And BAKE.... Each of my kids took turns pausing their school work to help me bake a non-dairy, peanut, treenut and dye-free dessert.

Iris helped me bake deep dark chocolate cookies (pinterest).  They are EXCELLENT.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to a camera while she was baking.  But she did invite her siblings to help her roll the doughballs in the powdered sugar...

Clyde helped me make rice crispy treats.  These are tricky, since even white  marshmallows have dye, but Earth Fare has some kosher, dye-free ones from Israel, so YAY!  He drizzled chocolate chips on them, because why woudln't you?

Lucy helped me bake sugar cookies.  Then we whipped up a small batch of icing, (from scratch because store bought white icing has dye) then colored it with India Tree's natural food dyes (Ireally need to go give them a good customer review...except no true red), and drew pumpkins on them.

Then we played with little native American girls, ballerinas, Obi Wan and many normal people from Earth....

We also discovered the undeniable truth, that nothing causes grief quite like being dressed like Tweety Bird....

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