Friday, November 1, 2013

More Beach Activities

Another photo dump!
We HAD to go crab-hunting at least a few nights!  It is a beloved activity after all!

                                                            Nena and Lucy searching.

                             A few of our victims!  Bwaa-ha-ha!  Just kidding, we let them go :)

              Clyde ran ahead of us and pretended that he had been lying there waiting FOREVER!

                                           Mumsy and the kiddy-poos with their prize catches.

This trip to the beach gave me a great opportunity to try my new camera out on some of the native fauna.
 I think this impressive guys is a guitar fish?  But I'm not sure.  We saw 3 together swimming in amongst our feet.  Kind of creepy.  Only got pictures of two.


 This crab pinched the toe of Iris's friend's mom.  So he got scooped up with a net and thoroughly examined by both families.

                                                  I spied this little guys whilst shopping.

                                         There were lots of big pink jelly fish near the pier.

Back at the condo, there was a pretty great pool and fountain area!



                                       Long conversation between sisters.... was it a secret?

                                                Clyde's trying to find out a secret here!

                                        Lucy dunking Clyde while playing the "color game."

 Clyde playing the 'color game' and anticipating dunking his sister.  She doesn't look very scared.

We went souvenir shopping!

                                                      Kids on the giant adirondack chair.

                                                      Playing on palm trees on the strip.

              Iris was concerned about Papa's crocs not having any she bought him one.


                                                           The view in front of me.

                         and behind me.  Sherry had gone to get David from the pier at this point.

 We got the really cool table in the boat at Margaritaville!  Great food!  I LOVE them because they're so awesome and friendly and thorough with the food allergy thing!

                                                                eating commenced.

We saw a guy making roses out of leaves.  Lucy stepped up to him and said, "Cool!"  So, of course, he gave her one :)

And then there was fishing!

 Sherry dropped David off early a couple of mornings and he fished most of the day.  Here he is surrounded by his expert gear.

 Stephen, Papa, Clyde, Iris and I joined him for a while.  (Clyde and I didn't last long before we started seeing Papa drove us back to the condo and returned for the heartier stock.)

 Iris and her remora.

 Clydie reminding me of a Norman Rockwell, leaning over and peering at what he hopes to catch.  We did get to see something he was REALLY hoping to see.... a large hammerhead shark!  Yikes!

 Clydie holding what he  then tried to use as a baitfish, but I really thought it looked like a good catch by itself!

                     Clyde heroically holding up our bait (squid) so I could get a good picture of it.

 Papa and Iris while it's Clyde's turn to use the fishing pole.  Also, she thinks she's being sneaky with his Diet Coke, but really he's just letting her drink it.

Besides all of the above exciting activities, we also just had fun chilling back at the condo.

They look very serious here!

                                                              Iris working a puzzle.

                                                         Lucy reading on my nook.

                                                              Iris styling Papa's hair.

                   Clyde and Iris really enjoyed how free we were their screen time during vacation!

 Lucy began painting the beach as she saw it from our dinner table.  She asked me to help mix a color for the sand :)  Love watching her paint.

                                                               More painting.

                                     Iris must have read Calvin & Hobbs to Nena for an hour!

Lucy diligently doing her homework and Sherry making it easier on her by reading with her on the balcony.

Good times!  Thank- you, Nena & Papa!

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