Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lucy Gets A Makeover

For Lucy's big Christmas present, she got a make-up application class.  We gave her a gift card that would cover that and purchasing some of the makeup she was taught to use.

Her aesthetician is named Mary Amanda and works at Ulta, and I LOVED her!!

This was because she continuously told Lucy, "you don't really need this, but this is how you use it," or "you're so beautiful just how you are, but if you wanted to play around with this, this is how you do it."  And though she gave Lucy a kind of "princess" look, which I though was not crazy overkill for a make-up store making over a 14  year old, she repeatedly told her that this would only be for special occasions, and for everyday, less is better.

Here's my documentation of the process ;)

And Lucy with Mary Amanda!!

I highly recommend this sweet lady!

Don't expect to see Lu in lots of make-up though!  Ironically, she just likes to play with it, not wear it out ;)

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